Here at Kitchn, we cannot assist ourselves when it comes to figuring out wise techniques to manage our cooking areas. That’s why we’re turning to the easy and common Mason jar as a helpful solution to make get. Mason jars are much more than helpful canning companions. They are, in actuality, the excellent glass vessel.

So, what are you ready for? Dust off all of the Mason jars hiding in your back cabinets. We have place with each other four surprising and pleasurable methods to begin working with those indispensable glass jars these days.

1. Increase on a cardboard salt container spout.

When we initial listened to about a new way to upcycle a made use of cardboard salt container, we were psyched! You know the ones — the cylinders with the metal spout that open and depart you with that fulfilling pour. See, these lids and spouts are substantially as well handy to throw out.

Instantly build a dispensing container for dry products, this kind of as sugar, flour, cornmeal, coffee grounds, or nearly anything else! With these kinds of a handy spout, you will have a this sort of an much easier time measuring dry elements.

All you want to do is carefully use scissors or an X-Acto knife to cut out the round top rated of the salt container. Trim to suit your jar’s mouth. Insert it in area of the primary Mason jar lid and twist the ring around it to maintain it in put. Presto! Now you have a effortless Mason jar with spout which is all set to pour!

2. Use as utensil drawer organizers.

The magic formula? Use Kerr wide-mouth jars, which are not beautifully spherical. Just about every side is a minor flat, supporting to keep the jars from rolling all around in the drawer. Furthermore, the vast-mouth jar is substantial enough to location at minimum five or so utensil handles within. Just never overstuff them!

3. Acquire advantage of the energy of magnets.

We love the idea of utilizing cute little Mason jars as spice storage. Using it one particular phase additional, glue magnets on the best of the jars’ lids, and connect a magnetic knife strip alongside the base of your higher kitchen cupboards. In an quick, you’ll produce a super-wise technique for holding all of your spice requires — ready to access at arm’s duration while you’re juggling cooking.

4. Make it simple to seize snacks.

The fridge door is key real estate to retail store get-and-go snacks. That is why we assume a little, open Mason jar is the ideal storage option to keep a few goodies, these types of as ready-to-eat string cheese or tubes of yogurt!

Just uncover a pair of jars that are the excellent dimensions to healthy on the shelf along your doorway, and there you have it — an straightforward way to accessibility handy, at any time snacks without obtaining to spend time digging through the entire fridge.

How do you use Mason jars in your kitchen area? Inform us you suggestions in the feedback down below.