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Even Monica Geller would approve

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You don’t have to be a Friends superfan to know about Monica Geller’s cleaning-obsessed tendencies. The character cleaned her own vacuum with another vacuum, after all. What you might not know, however, is that the actress behind the iconic character has a luxury cleaning brand of her own, called Homecourt.

Courteney Cox launched the line of fragrance-infused, skincare-inspired home beauty products in January 2022, and her celeb friends were quick to rave over the non-toxic cleaning supplies. Jennifer Garner took to Instagram stories to gush over the products and admitted you’ll “want to wear [the dish soap] as perfume,” while fellow Friends star Jennifer Aniston called Homecourt a “homerun” and said she’s “obsessed,” according to the brand.

Homecourt Kitchen Trio




Given the mere fact that Cox’s reputation (or at least, Monica Geller’s) precedes itself, I had to literally get my hands on the Kitchen Trio, which includes the Surface Cleaner, Dish Soap, and Hand Wash. But before I had even tested the products myself, I was obsessed. The sleek black bottles are a chic kitchen accessory all on their own, and made my otherwise boring sink area more aesthetically pleasing.

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However, the trio does a lot more than just spice up my countertops. The Hand Wash leans into its dual identity as a beauty-slash-cleaning product. The formula features ingredients to moisturize, hydrate, and protect your skin, while still removing the dirt. The Dish Soap similarly smells amazing, but packs a more powerful punch so you can naturally clean your dishes of food debris. And even though the product is intended for your dishes, it also features glycerin to hydrate and protect your skin, too.

Let me tell you, it works. While in the past, post-dinner party cleanup has left my hands dry and cracked from overwashing, I found my skin to be even more hydrated than it was before after using Homecourt’s Dish Soap. My dishes also sparkled with less effort, and made the entire kitchen smell so good I didn’t want to put them in the dishwasher at all.

Luckily, the Surface Cleaner keeps that aroma flowing through the room while also lifting up dirt and stubborn smudges from my white marble countertops. It is so effective, in fact, that I typically only need to take one pass. The coconut-derived degreaser practically dissolves muck, and the mediterranean cypress oil purifies your counters at the same time.

Shoppers can’t get enough of the Kitchen Trio either. One reviewer gushed over how “stunning” the set looks on their countertops, while noting that the surface spray is “incredible” and soaps are “gentle and moisturizing on” their hands. Another fan of the brand praised how “beautiful” it looks on their countertops, adding that it “cleans well,” leaves “no streaks,” and “smells incredible.” A third shopper agreed that it “cleans so well,” adding that they loved the “beautiful fragrance [it] left behind.”

You can pick up the trio for $56 with our 20 percent off sitewide code DDM20, or shop other discounted Homecourt bestsellers like the Room Deodorant shoppers say masks “any unwanted stinks in the air” or the Limited Edition Mandarin Basile Candle. Keep scrolling for more must-have luxury cleaning products even Monica Geller would approve of.

Homecourt Hand Cream




Homecourt Tray Set




Homecourt Limited Edition Mandarin Basile Candle




Homecourt Room Deodorant




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