Using fertilizers in a vegetable garden helps to increase your yield and have strong, healthy plants that have better resistance to pests and diseases.

Fertilizers can be organic and inorganic, however using feeds is not a one-size-fits-all tactic. It is important to know what you are targeting when you choose the best fertilizer for a vegetable garden. Know what nutrients each crop wants and which fertilizers will provide that. 

Feeding your crops is going to be key to any successful vegetable garden ideas. Whether you use compost, manure, homemade fertilizers, or store-bought feeds, they all offer advantages to certain crops. We look at 10 of the best fertilizers for a vegetable garden to see what nutrients they offer and what crops they are best for.

A harvest of produce in a vegetable garden

Using fertilizer in the vegetable garden will boost harvests

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How to choose the best fertilizer for a vegetable garden