two ‘twin gardens’ courtyards in the mountain


Of course.ARCH unveils its ‘twin gardens’ boutique hotel in close proximity to the yudu mountain overlooking china‘s flat yanhuai basin. the guesthouses are organized all around two courtyards deep within the village. the style and design staff usually takes advantage of the courtyards’ current structures, thinking of the economic climate of construction, and protecting a regard for the bordering context. the house owners, twin brothers, observe their needs: ‘1st, the renovation need to not be part of the two courtyards into just one so to regard existing residence boundaries and 2nd, courtyards’ principal entrances’ area should not be transformed due to ‘fengshui’ reasons.’

photographs by yumeng zhu



the team at Yes.ARCH comments on the spirit of its ‘twin gardens’ boutique lodge:we hope architecture could provide suitable conditions for mountain viewing, somewhat than distributing character surroundings by erecting ‘phallist’ objects. this perspective, for that reason, decides buildings’ very simple color, and humble architectonic presentation. the only eye-catching things are gardens’ thrive vegetation. the challenge is as if lost and getting found yet again. the only career architect have is to clean up and restore.’

twin gardens YES.ARCH



the structure by of course.arch


Of course.ARCH carries on, elaborating on the style and design of twin gardens: ‘we implant a north-facing ‘gloriette’ in just about every internet site as the two dwelling room and ‘anchor’ for collective actions. with its amazing look at of yudu mountain, the gloriette merges alone into the backyard when its folding doorway absolutely opened, whilst allowing for breeze and daylight in.


in sunny times, individuals can climb up to south gloriette’s roof for panorama of the basin at south. white stucco paint addresses most making surfaces, which aids the new courtyard mixing amongst neighboring properties that are all use this same materials.

twin gardens YES.ARCH



Yes.ARCH notes: ‘the two twin gardens are fundamentally various even though with rather resemble design. all activity spaces in south garden- involves a pool, an open cinema, and a assembly put with a semi-outdoor bar- are spreading across the internet site circling the gloriette, remaining surrounded by a variety of sizes’ circular plant pools with substantial grass.


as a mirroring graphic, things to do in north backyard garden are surrounding a centralized plant swimming pools in the middle of the backyard. this reverse technique is hoped to differentiate two web sites and provoke imaginative techniques of using these outside areas. the flourishing, wild and vicissitude of crops, as very well as energetic out of doors gatherings, are merged as a colourful foreground for the ‘everlasting’ mountain landscapes of each living rooms.’

twin gardens YES.ARCH