Magma has founded alone as a marine grill manufacturer, and now it’s searching to become a staple in van lifetime, RVing and tailgating. The firm’s new Crossover Series debuts as a person of the most versatile outside cooking devices on the marketplace, pairing single- and dual-burner stoves with RV mounts and a sequence of interchangeable elements that enable nomadic cooks grill, boil, griddle and even bake a pizza.

The Crossover Collection is fully modular, both equally in terms of acquire and use. The basis is buyer’s alternative of single- or twin-burner Firebox, every of which is effective as a 15,000-BTU-for every-burner stove on its individual. The Firebox has designed-in versatility even ahead of loading up with accessories, operating with user’s alternative of 20-lb propane tank or RV/boat propane hookup. The one-burner model also functions with a 1-lb propane bottle. Both single- and dual-burner Fireboxes characteristic built-in lids that fold out and do the job as aspect cabinets when it can be time to cook, keeping up to 25 lb (11.3 kg).

The Firebox lid flips out to become side shelves/worktops

The Firebox lid flips out to turn out to be side cabinets/worktops


Each Firebox arrives out of the box prepared to fireplace up atop a table. Insert a hitch mount or vehicle sidewall mount, and it attaches right to an RV for quicker, less difficult tailgate functions and facet-of-the-road lunch breaks. Every motor vehicle mount involves a speedy-release mounting plate to make it straightforward to attach and detach the Firebox. The Quad Pod 4-legged stand provides freestanding cooking abilities for camping, picnics, seashore visits and other activities. A designed-in wind deflector retains the burners firing in windy situations, and an altitude-adjustment program guarantees they heat evenly at larger elevations.

Wherever the Crossover Series actions up from stove to process is in the available cooktops that drop correct on the Firebox burners to increase improved cooking abilities. House owners can choose from four unique solitary-burner accessories: a grill, griddle, plancha and pizza oven. The solitary-burner Firebox will operate with one particular accent at a time, whilst the twin-burner Firebox can cope with two.

Grill protein on one side, griddle veggies on the other

Grill protein on a single facet, griddle veggies on the other


Magma’s Crossover process is really very similar to the Camp Chef method we examined back in 2018, but it doesn’t give the three-burner stove or dual-burner-sized add-ons that Camp Chef delivers with its several modular cooking techniques. The RV mounts and adaptable propane hookup are wonderful touches, however. Magma’s components are also priced a great deal better than Camp Chef’s, and the business guarantees that the Crossover collection has been engineered with the sort of marine-quality supplies and building that go into its boat cooking lineup.

Magma has partnered with to be its special retailer for the Crossover Collection, and the Crossover equipment is readily available for pre-get now. The one-burner Firebox commences at US$550, and the dual-burner begins at $900. BBQGuys is offering the Quad Pod stand as a totally free reward with Firebox acquire right until February 1. Each individual of the four fall-on cooking models can be obtained individually or all together in a $1,340 Bundle. As for the RV mounts, the floor mount retails for $250, the hitch mount for $300.

The a single-moment clip beneath displays the Magma Crossover equipment in motion.

Magma Crossover Cooking Program | BBQGuys Distinctive!

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