One particular man’s uncommon discovery in the course of a diving vacation stunned the net just after he shared it on the subreddit r/submechanophobia.

William Fang—who was born in China but now life in Switzerland and Singapore—captured the bizarre footage on a night dive in Switzerland.

Fang was filming his dive in a 143-meter-deep lake when he stumbled on two slightly disturbing gnomes in the water, at a depth of close to 15-20 meters.

He instructed Newsweek: “I was just doing a common night dive session when I noticed these creepy matters. I was shocked for a second…you can hear my deep breath in the video clip when I saw it.”

A however from the video that has terrified the web demonstrating a diver discovering the two figures underwater all through a evening dive.
William Fang

Reddit consumers rushed to the feedback to share their views on the unnerving discovery. One reported: “My courageous particular person, you go diving at night—I’m surprised everything scares you.”

“Diving at night? Do you need to have gnomes to scare you? Which is a difficult no from me,” mentioned one more Redditor.

A single commenter suggested: “Maybe a reference to the Gnomes of Zurich?”

“Gnomes of Zurich” is a slang phrase for Swiss bankers popularized in the 1960s in the United Kingdom when authorities officers commenced making use of the expression. This adopted a disaster assembly the place politicians blamed Swiss bankers for raising speculation towards the British pound creating its benefit to slide.

As opposed to the graphic of welcoming garden ornaments, these gnomes have been intended to invoke tips of medieval fairy tale creatures who lived underground and hoarded gold. The phrase was later picked up by Us residents when the Wall Road Journal mentioned Zurich gnomes alongside the army-industrial intricate and the establishment of the Illuminati.

“Nicely, congrats on staying cursed now, I guess,” joked a single commenter on the Reddit write-up.

The mystery of the unconventional underwater discovery continues to be unsolved.

“I’ve no concept,” stated Fang when questioned how the gnomes arrived to be at the base of a lake. “I guess it really is in all probability a prank by other divers.”

One particular viewer of the movie still left a comment that may perhaps provide an respond to: “I just observed out that this is like a working joke with divers—to plant garden gnomes in bodies of water for other divers to locate.”

Indeed, this is just not the to start with tale of gnomes getting discovered underwater. In 2012, BBC Information claimed on gnomes observed in the depths of a lake in the U.K.’s Lake District.

Prolonged-time dive instructor Gordon Mackie explained to the BBC that the gnomes are a “very good snicker,” and claimed: “If you just take gnomes very seriously then it’s a bit of a trouble.”

In the U.K., the gnomes were being eventually removed by police divers to stop people looking for them—but were swiftly changed by other divers.

An additional Reddit consumer famous a reference to the follow in preferred lifestyle, much too: “I guess that’s in which the devs of Fallout 4 received the wonderful plan to adhere gnomes underwater in certain spots of the map.”

But numerous viewers of the movie have been adamant that they would not be heading out to search for the yard statues anytime soon.

“You managed to mix all my fears. Gnomes. Dim water, and submerged factors,” said a person comment, even though a different Redditor wrote: “This would have terrified me. I would have swam to the shore, gathered my points, then boarded the subsequent flight household.”