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Gardeners’ World star Monty Don travels to the Adriatic coast, exploring gardens in Venice, Croatia and Greece in a new three-part series, Monty Don’s Adriatic Gardens, on BBC Two.

What is Monty Don’s Adriatic Gardens about?

While we’re used to seeing Monty’s glorious Longmeadow garden at his Herefordshire home, the broadcaster and gardener heads is putting the spotlight on gardens across Europe, as he travels to the Adriatic to discover all about the Venetians and explore the beautiful – and often hidden – gardens along the way.

monty don's adriatic gardens, bbc two

Monty in Sibenik Monastery Garden, Croatia

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monty don's adriatic gardens

Episode two: Monty in Lopud, Croatia

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‘Despite the restrictions of the pandemic I did manage to make three trips to the Adriatic in the summer of 2021 to film my latest series Monty Don’s Adriatic Gardens,’ Monty wrote on his website. ‘This journey begins in Venice, and continues round to Trieste, down the Croatian coast, on to Corfu then mainland Greece and finishing on the small island of Hydra where I have been making a garden with friends for the past five years.’

When does Monty Don’s Adriatic Gardens start?

Episode one: Friday 7th January at 8pm, BBC Two

• Episode two: Friday 14th January at 8pm, BBC Two

• Episode three: Friday 21st January at 7pm, BBC Two

monty don's adriatic gardens, bbc two

The Palazzo Campello Malipiero Barnabo, Venice

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monty don's adriatic gardens, bbc two

Monty in Trsteno, Croatia

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    What happens in each episode?

    Episode one: Venice

    Monty travels to Europe and explores the influence of the Venetians on gardening, starting in their home city at the top of the Adriatic coast and travelling on through Croatia and Greece.

    Visiting a range of public and private gardens, Monty learns about the impact that history, climate change and culture have had on the people who live there.

    Exploring Venice on one of the city’s famous barges, he steps out to visit green spaces (both large and small) that are often hidden from view behind high walls, as well as wonderful gardens along the Grand Canal. He also meets those who have transformed a disused rubbish dump behind one of the city’s famous churches into a productive garden.

    monty don’s adriatic gardens

    Monty in Villa Barbarigo at Valsanzibio, near Padua

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    Episode two: Croatia

    In the city of Trieste, close to Italy’s border with Croatia, Monty visits a public garden first created by an obsessive royal plantsman more than 150 years ago – and it’s now being carefully restored.

    He then heads down the Adriatic coast through Croatia to pick up the trail that the Venetians followed, ending his journey on the beautiful island of Lopud, near Dubrovnik. Along the way he discovers natural lakes and wildflowers, is given a tour of ancient olive groves, discovers a nursery where over 200 varieties of Iris – the national flower of Croatia – can be found, and is allowed into one of only two monastic gardens in the whole country.

    monty don's adriatic gardens, bbc two

    Trsteno, Croatia

    BBC/AHA Productions/Alexandra Henderson

    Episode three: Greece

    Monty kicks off the last leg of his journey in Corfu, a Greek island with strong Venetian links, including olive trees planted by them that are still grown today. Monty visits a spectacular garden made by an Englishman with Greek connections, and meets with the widow of English writer Gerald Durrell, who takes him up into the mountains on a wildflower trail.

    Next on the list is Greece’s capital, Athens, the place where the study of botany first began. As well as the Royal Gardens, Monty visits a reforestation project on Mount Hymettus and two modern gardens in and around the city.

    Finally, he rolls up his sleeves and gets to work on a garden he has helped to create on another Greek island.

    monty don's adriatic gardens, bbc two

    Mediterranean Garden Society, Garden at Sparoza, Greece

    BBC/AHA Productions/Alexandra Henderson

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