When it arrives to kitchen tools and other house merchandise that are previous their prime, persons ordinarily fall into just one of two camps: Those who throw something absent as before long as they detect some form of flaw, and swap it with some thing new and those people who keep on to use the old product as extensive as doable, then buy a new just one, but hold on to the previous one “just in circumstance.”

Of system, a good deal relies upon on the issue of the kitchen tool—especially no matter whether it’s continue to suit to be made use of to prepare dinner with—but until an merchandise is definitely, wholly broken, there is a great opportunity you can repurpose it somewhere else in your household or backyard garden. Below are a several examples.

New uses for old kitchen applications

As a substitute of throwing out kitchen area resources that have noticed superior working day, use your creativeness to come up with means you can reuse them in other pieces of your household, garage, or garden. Some illustrations contain:


The term “spatula” is applied to describe a range of various kitchen instruments in this circumstance, we’re referring to a flat piece of silicone or rubber with at least 1 rounded edge that’s attached to a very long, flat deal with. In the kitchen, you may perhaps have used the spatula to scrape remnants of cake batter out of a mixing bowl, or sauce out of a pot.

If the spatula is now permanently orange-tinted just after building tomato sauce, or has started to crack, you might determine not to use it for cooking anymore. As an alternative, you can use it to get previous drops of paint, stain, or polyurethane out of a can.

Colanders and strainers

If your trusty metal colander or strainer has turned rusty, use some metal wool to eliminate as a lot of the rust as you can, then use it for gardening. A lot of houseplants require pots with drainage, and these previous kitchen area instruments are best. You are going to have to have to locate a more substantial outer pot or planter that matches the colander, but that should not be tricky.

Chipped or cracked teapots or pitchers

Thinking about retiring a chipped or cracked ceramic teapot or glass pitcher (or measuring cup)? If it can however keep and pour h2o, use it to drinking water your crops. You can do the same with a mildly rusty steel kettle (soon after utilizing steel wool to remove as a lot of the rust as probable).

Bench scraper

Did you inherit a relative’s kitchen area equipment, but really do not actually use most of them? If there is a bench scraper somewhere in that box, you can use it to very clear little amounts of sawdust from drilling holes in wood, or any other slight messes on workbenches.

Potato masher

When you no lengthier use it to smash spuds, a potato masher is wonderful for breaking up clumps in luggage of soil or sand.