a backyard garden home for wellness


with the style of its ‘red cave,’ 23o5studio transforms the city ambiance of a residential plot in vietnam into a lush backyard. the team responses, ‘we go after the conventional architectural sort — a metaphor for a communal household in the village — đình.’ the house takes on a wellness-oriented plan from the ground floor to the rooftop. this consists of a health and fitness house below, a initial flooring yoga studio, and a soothing retreat on the roof terrace. while coaching on the ground flooring, the occupant is surrounded by the tree-filled backyard garden. this all-natural area drove the style and design of the relaxation of the house, as the designers note, ‘what if the backyard garden wasn’t just underground?

23o5studio red cave
photographs by hiroyuki oki



a ‘red cave’ taken out from the town


23o5studio (see a lot more right here) models its ‘red cave’ household with a very simple, and serene system. on the ground flooring, the purposeful spaces are organized laterally in approach, while empty spaces swell in the middle. an array of pillars surrounds the strategy, emphasizing the ambiguous boundary in between the within and outside. this empty space is developed with a versatile program, and serves as a neutral, scenic body to be activated by the person. 


the to start with level is committed to yoga. although the group originally planned a fully vacant space, the want for soundproofing educated a more sophisticated structure. a ‘vague’ box can take form with walls of timber and glass, and is surrounded by a corridor which extends into the yard. ‘we targeted additional on harnessing the gentle at the primary seat (terrazzo circle-slab), surrounded by the structural slope roof, creating a darkish space to take in the concentrated gentle. trees and drinking water surface, light-weight are blended to produce a tranquil garden atmosphere.’

23o5studio red cave



23o5studio brings together components of architecture and mother nature


23o5studio curates the rooftop terrace of the purple cave household as a floating yard retreat. below, a kitchen and tea-area ignore the encompassing landscape, the minimal-increase residences, and the saigon river over and above. the yard traces the boundaries of the terrace to open up house although introducing a wall of organic greenery.


in general, the structure of the project brings together both architectural and purely natural factors. the layout group carries on: ‘we are contacting the composition of convergence, the unity amongst individuals and architecture and character. homogeneous products within and exterior, erasing boundaries, only the issue and the atmosphere bordering the subject set up the characteristics of the area according to the goal of use and every single action that usually takes spot.’

23o5studio red cave

23o5studio red cave 23o5studio red cave