Cottage Kitchen area with Butcherblock Counter tops

Laurey W. Glenn styling: Elizabeth Demos

There are a few places in each individual home that capture all the clutter, like the desk that is stacked with papers, or the bed room chair that is loaded with laundry (who is aware of if it really is clean or filthy). And then there are the kitchen countertops. For some reason, kitchen area counter house is some of the most important floor real estate in our properties, yet we often fill it with things in its place of generating it functional. In advance of you know it, you’ve got lined up each compact appliance, some chopping boards, a cake stand, and a splash of seasonal decor, and that’s all in advance of counting any edible objects.

What to Keep on Your Counter

In purchase to know what to keep on your kitchen counter and what to set away, you should very first imagine about how you live day to day. Pay out eager interest to what you definitely need. People objects that you use usually are the kinds that you need to go away out with uncomplicated accessibility.

Espresso Maker

A espresso maker is probably your most employed modest equipment, so truly feel cost-free to give it the focused space it justifies. Position it close to an outlet and make absolutely sure you can conveniently entry necessary pieces these kinds of as the drinking water reservoir. If achievable, designate a espresso station the place accessories this sort of as pods, syrups, sugars, spoons, and even cups are close by. Depending on available place, you may well decide to prepare all those merchandise neatly on a tray or in a basket next to the coffee maker or select to retail store them in a closeby cupboard.

Paper Towels

Whilst paper towels are not specifically glamorous, they are a kitchen requirement. Hence, they should really be in basic sight and effortless to access. Spot them by the sink for when you require a fast clean-up.

Utensils Crock

Preserve a utensils crock following to your cooktop for generating meal prep a breeze. You by no means know when you could need to have a second spoon or spatula, so leaving cooking utensils in the open is useful. A crock is also a terrific chance to insert a tiny temperament to your kitchen area. You can use a stunning planter or an antique jar to spruce up an usually drab spot.

Fruit and Vegetable Basket

There are several fruits and veggies that don’t need to have to be stored in your refrigerator. In point, there are lots of that should not be refrigerated (like tomatoes). Designate a location in your kitchen exactly where these can stay. Besides adding pops of color to your space, you can be far more most likely to try to eat them if they’re obvious.

Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil, and Butter

These 4 cooking necessities are fully acceptable (and inspired) to shop on your kitchen area countertop, specially due to the fact you will very likely obtain your self reaching for just about every as you prepare dinner. And indeed, we bundled butter. Butter can be saved in a crock, so it can be usually softened and completely ready to go for biscuits.

What to Put Away

Other Little Appliances

This section should really come with a flashing purple warning light: Just simply because you have a modest equipment, would not imply you have to show it. Of course, we all adore our stand mixers, but do you use your stand mixer everyday or even weekly? If the answer is no, contemplate storing it in a base cabinet. You may possibly discover that you use your food stuff processor more than your mixer or that you use your blender far more than your toaster. This is a fantastic chance to just take benefit of lower cupboard storage which is often studier with a lot more keeping room. This exact rule applies to cake stands, dutch ovens, and other serving parts.


As tempting as it is to show your entire cookbook selection, tuck these on to a nearby shelf or in a cabinet. They can get easily dirtied many thanks to cooking splatters, plus they add unnecessary muddle to your countertops.

Chopping Boards

It can be develop into fashionable to depart slicing boards out in the open up. If you have area to lean a number of picket kinds against your backsplash, go for it, but if you really don’t, it can be finest that they go into a tiny cupboard. This will retain them clean for use and your kitchen area wanting tidy.